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Top bouquets

All popular flowers

A classic combination of red roses Prestige and white chrysanthemums. A round, dense bouquet in a spiral technique is assembled from fresh flowers and packed in a red mesh.

  Grand Prix

Red roses Grand prix. The stem is 60-70cm. Choose the desired number of roses, and we will assemble them for you in a chic bouquet.


Round bouquet of red gerberas, white daisies, yellow alstromeria surrounded by aspidistra leaves. The bouquet is decorated in stylish packing - a grid.

  Peach Avalanche

Peach Rose Peach Avalanche with a stem height of 60-70cm. Florist will make a bouquet of the necessary number of roses. The bouquet is bandaged with ribbon.


Cute white and pink bouquet. Pink alstroemeria and roses, white daisies and needle chrysanthemums are packed in a bright salad net and create a cheerful composition.

  White roses apiece

White roses avalanche. Stem 60-70 cm
On the product page you can choose any number of flowers, which the florist will gather in a neat bouquet.

  Creamroses apiece

Creamy Ukrainian roses of Talea variety. The length of roses is 60-70cm. Roses are collected in a spiral bouquet and bandaged with ribbon. You can order any number of roses.

  Разноцветные розы

Bouquet of different color roses. In a bouquet, bandaged with a ribbon - Ukrainian roses of any sorts and colors. Customer wishes on the color of roses are accepted.


A wonderful bouquet of alstroemerias in purple and white colors. The bouquet is packed in lilac paper, which supports the whole gamut of bouquet.


A bush pink chrysanthemum of sort Katenka or a pink camomile. Decorated with delicate small flowers gypsophila and wrapped in floral paper.


A dazzling bouquet of bright yellow shrub chrysanthemums with the addition of twigs gypsophila. The bouquet is packed in yellow floral paper in the color of chrysanthemums.

  Green eyes

Funny bouquet with white daisies and unusual green chrysanthemums Filyn Green. The general color scheme is white-green, supported by leaves of ferns.


Ukrainian orange roses of the Wau variety. A bouquet is collected per piece from any number of roses. All roses are cleared of thorns, collected in a spiral bouquet and packed in fashionable paper "newspaper".


Do you want to buy and give a big bouquet of roses for a wedding, a birthday or a date? Choose a round bouquet of red roses surrounded by greenery, which will not go unnoticed.


If you do not know what flowers like a girl, then we recommend to buy a classic bouquet of roses, bandaged with ribbon. Different varieties of roses have a long stem and a large fragrant bud.


Bouquet in a delicate white and pink color scheme of pink roses and alstroemeria and white chrysanthemums. Complement the bouquet of velgrace twigs and a delicate pink wrap of fleece.


Classic round bouquet of white camomiles in delicate yellow floral packing. The size of the bouquet and the number of colors in the bouquet can be selected on the product page.

  Thinking About You

Monobuket of white and pink chrysanthemums of Baltika variety. A small bouquet is packed in lilac paper and is available for order in three variations.

  To My Girl

Pink picking bouquet of pink gerberas and pink roses Blush Akito with the addition of leaves ledwaren. A round spiral bead of fresh flowers is tied with ribbon in tone.


Do you like alstroemeria? Then see what a cool bouquet of multicolored alstroemerias will be collected for you by florists. Fresh flowers are always an active gift!

  Peruvian Flower

Дарить цветы близким так приятно! Этот чудный букет из пестрых оттенков альстромерии будет радовать больше недели. Это цветок, который долго не завянет.


You need an inexpensive graceful bouquet? We present you a bouquet "Favorite" with pink roses Aqua, needle chrysanthemums, gentle alstromeria with fern and ornamental foliage.


In our flower shop you can buy a bouquet for blondes and not only. Pink color - the favorite color of blondes and this bouquet-shredding in the pink palette will like the blond beauty!

  Fall Mist

A stylish round European bouquet with roses and chrysanthemums in paper packaging and free delivery-surprise will be an excellent gift.

  Evening blues

Bouquet of fresh roses of fire color: red, scarlet, pink, yellow, orange and coral - a hot mix can be bought and delivered on the same day to anywhere in the city!

  Waiting For the Meeting

A lovely round white-pink bouquet is created in the best traditions of European floristics: fresh single-headed and shrub roses with chrysanthemums are decorated with pink paper and a bow.

  Miss You

A refined bouquet of delicate cream roses surrounded by refined lisianthus and air wrap. We will collect a bouquet of the freshest flowers and arrange delivery to anywhere in the city.

  Avalanche roses

Beloved by many girls are white roses Avalanche in a bouquet with design. We can buy a bouquet of white roses in any quantity and present it with a surprise.

  Bouquet of red roses

A gorgeous bouquet of red roses Prestige, white hypsophila and decorative greens is created by our florists especially for special occasions and the closest people.


A nice little composition of pink daisies and decor in a basket will be a pleasant surprise. Buy chamomile in the basket can be in one click.

  Roses and alstroemerias

If you need flowers for a gift, then an amazing bouquet in pastel colors from bush and ordinary roses, eustom and greens is an ideal option for a magnificent holiday and for a date.


White eustoma and peach roses, intertwining and complementing each other, create a great congratulatory bouquet that can be bought with delivery directly into the hands of the recipient.


Monobouquet of white and pink lisianthus, bandaged with ribbon. The bouquet is collected only from fresh eustom, the number of flowers in a bouquet at the request of the client.

  Bouquet of 101 Roses

Предлагаем купить букет из 101 розы. Такой букет мечтает получить каждая девушка!

  Bouquet of 101 Roses

Here you can buy a big bouquet of white roses for a holiday or just like that. In the bouquet we use only fresh roses with a long stem and a large bud that create beautiful bouquets.


Round spring prefabricated bouquet with daisies, irises and verdure greens. A bouquet from professional florists is packed in sisal.


At any time of the year we recommend you to buy a enchanting bouquet of spring flowers: irises, tulips and freesias in bright solar packaging. For your beloved - the best flowers!

Шикарный подарок - розы в шляпной коробке.

  White roses in a hat box
  White flowers in a hat box

Белые хризантемы и эустома в шляпной коробке

  Pink orchids in a hat box
  101 Bouquet of roses on a short

101 разноцветная роза собрана в идеальный круглый букет. Купить 101 розу недорого и сделать сюрприз любимой - это очень выгодное предложение!

foto mix roses 101
  Bouquet of 101 Roses
  Masterpiece of 101 roses

Buy 101 roses with home delivery - this is a real surprise! Order 51 multi-colored rose - a chic gift for your beloved. The courier will deliver the flowers to the doorstep.

  Colorful rose 40 cm

Short Ukrainian roses of 50 cm in length, of different varieties and colors, are brushed from spikes and collected in a spiral bouquet in a ribbon.

  Life is Good!

A classic bouquet of multi-colored roses in any quantity in stylish kraft paper-a newspaper with a chic satin red bow.

  Red Star bouquet

A small neat bouquet of roses in European style is the most fashionable trend today. Short red roses are collected in a round bouquet and decorated with paper with a bow.

  White Magic

A neat round tight bouquet of white roses Avalanche looks cute and at the same time dressy. Contrasting green packaging and a white bow emphasize the beautiful and large buds of roses.

  Bouquet of short multicolored roses

It is impossible to pass by such beauty and not to buy a charming bouquet of roses. Stunning assortment of fresh roses with interspersed fresh greens pleases the eyes and gives pleasant emotions.

  White tulips

In our store you can buy a bouquet of white tulips, decorated in sisal while choosing any number of colors. We work for you around the clock!

  Yellow tuilips

Yellow tulips are a symbol of friendship and hope, not in vain many girls like yellow tulips. We can buy a bouquet of yellow tulips in any quantity.


Here you can buy special bouquets for special people. This bouquet is a sip of spring freshness: bright tulips and irises in the greening of the green create an unusual tandem.


An exquisite bouquet of irises in air packing and decor with greenery. Buy a bouquet of irises you can not only a woman, but a man. A universal gift for any occasion.

  Multi-color Tulip Bouquet

Inexpensive bouquet of tulips with delivery by courier is real! You can order multi-colored tulips in the package through the website or by phone. The number of colors in the bouquet can be selected.

  Pink tulips

Here you can buy pink tulips one by one with delivery. Flowers are decorated in a gentle air package, the number of tulips at the request of the client.

  Bouquet of tulips

Tulips pink, white, lilac decorated in floral paper in tone. Any number to choose from 15 pieces. Tulips are a magnificent spring bouquet!


A wonderful spring tulip mix of yellow, red and orange tulip flowers. The bouquet is bandaged with satin ribbon in tone buds. You can choose any number of tulips.

  Bouquet of white tulips

An armful of white tulips. Any quantity to choose from.

  Bouquet of red tulips

An armful of red tulips. Any quantity to choose from.

  Bouquet of yellow tulips

An armful of yellow tulips. Any quantity to choose from.

  Bouquet of multicolored tulips

An armful of multicolored tulips. Any quantity to choose from.

  White & Pink roses in a hat box
  Alstroemeria & roses in a hat box
  Tulips in a round box
  Roses in a hat box

Spray roses of delicate shades in a hat box

  Flower arrangement in a round box
  Spring flowers in a box
  Branch roses in a hatbox

Branch roses of different colors in a hat box.

  Flowers mix in a hatbox

Flower mix of roses, gerberas, alstroemerias in a hat box.

Order and delivery of flowers at the territory of Ukraine. Buying flowers in - it's easy and convenient!

If you do not have an opportunity to congratulate a person you love face-to-face or you want to make a surprise, you could use our service of flowers delivery. In our flower shop there is always a wide range of bouquets and composition that can meet any taste. Your bouquet will be delivered just on time to any district of the city.

Flowers delivery solve the distance problem!

In order to purchase a bouquet just click a button "to buy in one click " and the manager will take the order over the phone, advice a convenient and fast method of payment, and the whole process won't take more than five minutes.

Pleasant surprises to people you love, courtesies to business partners, congratulations of relatives - you can do that just by calling or by pushing a key on your keyboard. Perfectly made bouquet of fresh cut flowers from - is a zest of the holiday. Giving flowers will always be in trend! Moreover, now, it is even easier to buy flowers, because the high level of service, offered to the buyer, provides maximum comfort.

We can deliver flowers not only to your house or office, but anywhere according to request of the customer or the recipient.

We offer:

  • Convernient web-site with a huge range of flowers. Any offline shop can not provide such a range like we do. All products have a detailed calculation and description, some pictures, such information as pricing, and the nearest date of order execution (not all flowers are available on the same day, some are available on the following day or in 1-2 days).
  • Professionally designed composition of fresh flowers. All bouquets are made only from floristic quality materials and decorative greenery. Even if they are just roses, bought by the piece, all the extra leaves and thorns will be removed, the bouquet is carefully assembled bud to bud and tied with a ribbon.
In order to make the recipient even more happy, in addition to flowers, you can order a vase, fruit, candies, toys and cake.
  • Pickup or delivery, presenting flowers face-to-face or entrust us to do that - you are the only one who decide!
  • Our couriers can behave differently. They can be both pretty and polite, providing a holiday atmosphere and completely neutral - just pass a bouquet. Everything depends on the situation and your wishes.
  • Orders can be arranged through the manager by the phone or online through the basket. Shop is organized so that you can make a purchase both in one click and call back, and without the participation of manager-consultant. There is no commissions if making online payment by VISA and MasterCard - , only the cost of the order.
  • Discounts on flowers in any city. Self-registration of the first order and indication of e-mail makes you to become a member of the loyalty program. Provided discounts are applied to all of your orders and to all the cities where we provide services.
  • We do not send annoying ads and do not bother you by calling, our service is completely unobtrusive. We appear in your life only when you need us. Add us to your bookmarks!
  • Ordered flowers can be paid by any convenient way.
  • The delivery of flowers in Ukraine is available to any location, even if you do not find it in this list.

Information for suspicious customers

Maybe you think that if you buy the most expensive bouquet, and we will keep it, let us assure you - it won't enrich us! In no way we would jeopardize our reputation and sacrifice years of work for the sake of immediate profits!

We are not going to cheat!
We have created a really high-quality online resource, spent a lot of time and efforts.
Such web-sites like ours are not made to deceive, they are made for people.
Its administrative panel connects florists all over 125 cities.
In 2004, we worked in 5 cities, now in 2015, and we provide our services to more than 100 cities.
We hope that this pair of lines will dispel your doubts, and the recepient will be very pleased with presented bouquet, and you will be impressed by the quality of our services.
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