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c 7 до 10 - 250 грн.
c 10 до 12 - 200 грн.
c 12 до 15 - 200 грн.
c 15 до 18 - 200 грн.
c 18 до 20 - 200 грн.
c 20 до 22 - 250 грн.
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About our store, is a ukrainian on-line flower shop uniting many florists throughout Ukraine.
We have been engaged in flower delivery since 2004. It all started with delivering orders received from foreign on-line stores. This experience is invaluable. It did not take much time, and we evaluated this original and extremely convenient way to present flowers, as well.
While time passed, we understood clients' needs, developed a processing scheme and order fulfillment, selected reliable suppliers, and formed a strong team .
We put the highest quality of our service in the top-priority. It is a matter of a fact that with selling flowers, we participate into human relations. Our clients are usually very positively about our store. 75 % of all orders are made by the loyal customers. We strive to make a company with a service of the highest quality. We build out the company that provides the best delivery.
We do not participate in price races and do not compete on price. It does not mean that we hold dear. Selected high-quality flowers can not be cheap, and we do not sell seconds. Therefore, the price of our services will not be the lowest, but the quality of its providing will be the highest.