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Point of delivery
Costs of delivery:
з 7 до 9 - 150 грн.
з 9 до 12 - 80 грн., for free from 1000грн.
з 12 до 15 - 80 грн., for free from 1000грн.
з 15 до 18 - 80 грн., for free from 1000грн.
з 18 до 20 - 120 грн.
з 20 до 22 - 150 грн.
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Fast delivery of flowers in the city Vinnysia

Our flower shop offers you a delivery service. Wecan deliver flowers to your home, in office, to the restaurant or elsewhere. Delivery service works from 7 till 22. You must preored morning delivery. We make terminable orders, orders in one day. If you'll forget about big date, we'll take your guilt on us. After ordering a flowers you can be sure that all your wishes of delivery or making of bouquets will come true.

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