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з 7 до 10 - 150 грн.
з 10 до 12 - 80 грн.
з 12 до 15 - 80 грн.
з 15 до 18 - 80 грн.
з 18 до 20 - 150 грн.
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How to present a flowers on a distance

Flowers delivery in Lysychansk makes by our carriers from 8 till 19 every day. Late or early delivery you must preorder early. There is roses apiece, bouquets of season flowers, imported flowers are on the vitrine of our shop. All the bouquets has a price and detailed calculation. You can choose a bouquet from little to huge. When you order a delivery of flowers on our site, you get a pleasure and a discount on every next bouquet you'll buy in any city.

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