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Bouquet of flowers with delivery in Artemivsk

We offer you to buy a flowers in our shop so you could class a comfortable of purchase and high quality of service. There is the widest assortment of flowers, interesting designes on our vitrine. All our bouquets has its own price tag and has a number of prices. And you can always order individual bouquet after a consultation of florist. If you need a flowers delivery - we will make it as fast as it possible!

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Ukrainian orange roses of the Wau variety. A bouquet is collected per piece from any number of roses. All roses are cleared of thorns, collected in a spiral bouquet and packed in fashionable paper "newspaper".

  Green eyes

Funny bouquet with white daisies and unusual green chrysanthemums Filyn Green. The general color scheme is white-green, supported by leaves of ferns.


Round bouquet of red gerberas, white daisies, yellow alstromeria surrounded by aspidistra leaves. The bouquet is decorated in stylish packing - a grid.

  Alstroemerias apiece

Alstroemeria in stock, available all year round. Any color at the request of the client in any quantity. The bouquet is bandaged with ribbon.


Composition of flowers in a basket with a high handle. The composition is executed in pink tones from pink chrysanthemums, gently-rosy roses of Blush Akita, white eustom and pink carnations with the addition of greenery.

  Autumn Waltz

Monobuket from shrub chrysanthemum of different varieties and colors. A round lush bouquet of chrysanthemums is decorated in light paper, the number of branches and colors can be selected.


A round bouquet of white and pink roses, white daisies and greens of ferns. You can buy a bouquet in different variations of the performance with a different number of colors.


A bush pink chrysanthemum of sort Katenka or a pink camomile. Decorated with delicate small flowers gypsophila and wrapped in floral paper.


Round congratulatory bouquet of red carnations. The bouquet is collected in a spiral technique, the number of carnations at the request of the kiln. The bouquet is bandaged with a contrasting bright ribbon.

  Grand Prix

Red roses Grand prix. The stem is 60-70cm. Choose the desired number of roses, and we will assemble them for you in a chic bouquet.


A dazzling bouquet of bright yellow shrub chrysanthemums with the addition of twigs gypsophila. The bouquet is packed in yellow floral paper in the color of chrysanthemums.

  One Morning in Paris

Imported two-tone roses Morning of Paris. The unusual color of the petal is achieved due to the transition from white to pink. The height of the color is 80-90cm. Any number of roses is available for order.

  Разноцветные розы

Bouquet of different color roses. In a bouquet, bandaged with a ribbon - Ukrainian roses of any sorts and colors. Customer wishes on the color of roses are accepted.


Bouquet of chamomile chrysanthemums white and pink, in which the violet statue fits perfectly, creating a vivid contrast. The bouquet is packed in pink paper with a ribbon.

  Bucket of white roses

A solemn basket of white Avalanche roses and greens of bergress and fern. Various variations are available with different number of colors - the more, the more elegant the composition!


Spring composition in flower pots in mottled colors. Kashpo consists of pink and yellow alstroemeria, pink and white tulips, as well as branches of statues and greens.

  For a Beautiful Lady

A round bouquet of multi-colored roses, green chrysanthemum and interspersed with purple statues. The bouquet is available in various variations.

  White roses apiece

White roses avalanche. Stem 60-70 cm
On the product page you can choose any number of flowers, which the florist will gather in a neat bouquet.


Bouquet from two varieties of red Ukrainian roses: Prestige and El Toro. The combination of roses of scarlet and burgundy shade creates a rich fire mix. The bouquet is gathered in a spiral and bandaged with ribbon.

  Peach Avalanche

Peach Rose Peach Avalanche with a stem height of 60-70cm. Florist will make a bouquet of the necessary number of roses. The bouquet is bandaged with ribbon.

  White and yellow mix

A beautiful bouquet of white Avalanche roses and Aqua pink roses, which are collected in a spiral round bouquet and packed in a pink sisal. The perfect bouquet for the holiday!

  Sunny Smile

Sunny bright bouquet of yellow and white roses with the addition of white alstroemeria and green leaves. The bouquet is packed in a yellow grid, which supports the general mood of the bouquet.


A chic bouquet of cream roses of Talea variety. All flowers are cleaned and collected in a perfect spiral bouquet, which is packaged in a light pink sisal.

  White imported roses

Imported white roses of Mondial variety with a large glass and stem 80-90cm. Any number of colors are available. Roses are cleaned and collected in a spiral bouquet under the ribbon.


Beautiful composition in a basket of white chamomile chrysanthemums. A lavender of a basket with daisies is attached to the phoenix leaves, located around the flowers.


Ukrainian Roses Red Naomi by the piece. A large bud, a long stem of 70-80 cm and a pleasant aroma distinguish this rose from all others. Any quantity is available for order.

  Pink roses

Ukrainian rose roses of the Aqua variety. The height of the stem is 60-70 cm. The number of roses in the bouquet can be selected. Packing - floral paper.