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8:00-20:00, seven days a week
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Costs of delivery:
з 7 до 10 - 150 грн.
з 10 до 12 - 80 грн.
з 12 до 15 - 80 грн.
з 15 до 18 - 80 грн.
з 18 до 20 - 150 грн.
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Flower delivering services in Aleksandria are available seven days a week from 8 to 18:00.

The tradition of delivering flowers as a gift has again become fashionable and popular. And now, it is much easier to do, so you do not even need to step away from the monitor. We offer an great catalog of bouquets with prices and descriptions, and convenient filter selecting bouquets by color, event and type of flowers. Once used our services of flower delivery, you cannot do without it. The pleasure of buying flowers will not be less than receiving them. Our regular customers have a delicious discount on all bouquets in all cities of Ukraine. You will be able to greet your friends and relatives as easy, as if you have came and brought them flowers by yourself.

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