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Flowers delivery in Odesa

Flowers delivery from 7 till 22. We're making an orders in a day, terminable orders - one hour after we got money from you. We guarantee high quality and professional flowers delivery in Odesa. We offer you a simple, comfortable and fast way to present a flowers. Twenty-four-hour order reception by the site. Automatic online-payment - cash,cashless and electronic money. 100% bouquet freshness, choose whatever you want!

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  Pink imported roses

Imported roses of beautiful pink color. Dutch and Ecuadorian roses are distinguished by a large bud and a long stem - 60 cm. To order are available roses from 5 pcs and more.

  The Rose Geometry

Unusual stylish composition in the flower pots. The originality of the idea is in a rectangular, clear form. The composition consists of yellow Ilios roses, white chrysanthemums along the edges, and also greenery.

  Bouquet "Purple haze"

Ordering this beautiful bouquet of lisianthus and chrysanthemums, you will give your relatives the most vivid emotions of happiness and happiness. And the whole secret of the bouquet is in its form and packaging, which makes it special.


A small neat bouquet with crimson gerberas, white chrysanthemums, gipofilya and white alstroemeria. The flowers are gathered in a dense bouquet, along the edges are decorated with a dairy sauce and packed in salad paper.

  Summer Evening

A light spring colorful bouquet of multi-colored eustoms in a stylish package of paper and mesh.

  Flower Basket

If you have never given a flower baskets and want to do it for the first time - then we recommend that you buy a basket with pink roses, alstromeria and greens. A bright and cheerful basket for any occasion!


Bright spring bouquet of colorful gerberas, green chrysanthemums Fili Green, lilac carnations, blue irises, hypericum and ornamental foliage with decoration in red sisal.

  Sexy Red

Bright scarlet imported roses Sexy Red with a rich aroma and a large bud in a bouquet. You can order any number of roses from 7 pcs. 


Original bouquet in red-green tones of red roses Prestige, green chrysanthemums Fili Green, red hypericum and ornamental foliage. Decorated in green sisal.

  Peach Bloom

A charming bouquet of delicate pink-peach eustom. Our florists will collect for you a bouquet of any number of lisianthus and bind them with ribbon.

  Aqua Vita

Lush bouquet for celebrations. The combination of gentle pink roses and white flowers gives the bouquet a touch of tenderness, so you can buy it and give it to a newly-married couple or a birthday girl.

  Grand Prix

Red roses Grand prix. The stem is 60-70cm. Choose the desired number of roses, and we will assemble them for you in a chic bouquet.

  Bouquet "Scarlet Sails"

With us you can buy a bouquet and confess your feelings, because sometimes the flowers are more eloquent than words. About your love the bouquet will tell in a red-white scale with roses, alstroemerias and camomiles.


European small dense bouquet with warm tones with yellow daisies, coral roses, red gerberas and alstroemerias. Complement the bouquet of greens and packaging from nonwoven.

  Male bouquet "Olympus"

What flowers to buy a man? What bouquet to give to the chief? If you ask these questions, then this men's bouquet will be the solution. Cascade bouquet is available in two variations.


Giant basket of red roses Prestige with decorative greens, executed in the form of a semi-sphere. Available to order from 151 roses.

  Thinking About You

Monobuket of white and pink chrysanthemums of Baltika variety. A small bouquet is packed in lilac paper and is available for order in three variations.

  Peach Avalanche

Peach Rose Peach Avalanche with a stem height of 60-70cm. Florist will make a bouquet of the necessary number of roses. The bouquet is bandaged with ribbon.

  Passionate Feeling

A chic bouquet of roses. A round spiral bouquet is collected from red roses of Grand prix and white roses Avalanch with addition of decorative greens. The bouquet is collected in quantities of 75 pieces.

  Bouquet "Flowers glade"

Купить букет на День Рождения - этот яркий контрастный букет будет удачным подарком именнинику или имениннице!


Looking for a bouquet that you can surprise and enchant? Then this is a magnificent bouquet of the freshest roses: our florists will gather pink and white shrubs specially for you!