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Flowers with delivery - patent luxury

Delivery woking hours: 8 till 20 in Mykolaiv. In the suburb - by a coverant. There is always a big choise of flowers available, everyday procurements. Bouquets are making after you order it, in one hour before a delivery.

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Classic round bouquet of white camomiles in delicate yellow floral packing. The size of the bouquet and the number of colors in the bouquet can be selected on the product page.

  Bouquet of 151 Roses

With us, you can easily and quickly buy a huge bouquet of 151 roses. This is a gift that every girl dreams about. To fulfill dreams simply - it is necessary to order only an armful of roses for the beloved!

  Bouquet of 201 Roses

A stunning bouquet of 201 roses is now available to everyone. Here you can buy an inexpensive huge bouquet of roses and confess it with love or give roses to Valentine's Day.


Eustoma (lisianthus) beautiful lilac and violet hue in the bouquet. To order is available any number by eustom in a bouquet. Flowers are collected in a bouquet and bandaged with ribbon.

  Roses Carina

If your loved one likes roses, but you want to give roses an unusual color - then this is the rose of Karina. Pink-coral shade of roses, a large bud and a strong fragrance make the flowers unique!

  Avalanche roses

Beloved by many girls are white roses Avalanche in a bouquet with design. We can buy a bouquet of white roses in any quantity and present it with a surprise.


Want to please your beloved - buy a spring bouquet of scarlet roses and white tulips. You can choose any number of colors and we will collect a bouquet of the freshest spring flowers.

  Campmile Field

Classic basket with daisies. Composition in a basket of white chamomile chrysanthemums decorated with a ribbon with a bow.

  Warm feelings

Bouquet in white and yellow colors from the Ilios rose and white alstroemeria. A round bouquet in warm tones is packed in floral yellow paper, which supports the overall color scheme of the bouquet.


At any time of the year we recommend you to buy a enchanting bouquet of spring flowers: irises, tulips and freesias in bright solar packaging. For your beloved - the best flowers!

  Bouquet of 101 Roses

Предлагаем купить букет из 101 розы. Такой букет мечтает получить каждая девушка!


A round bouquet of white and pink roses, white daisies and greens of ferns. You can buy a bouquet in different variations of the performance with a different number of colors.


Want to buy and deliver a summer bouquet? Then we present you a sunny bouquet of yellow and green chrysanthemums, collected in a round bouquet, which resembles a sunlit glade.

  Peach Avalanche

Peach Rose Peach Avalanche with a stem height of 60-70cm. Florist will make a bouquet of the necessary number of roses. The bouquet is bandaged with ribbon.