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Flowers with delivery - holiday for every day.

Tell us what bouquet do you need. It can be a bouquet of varicoloured roses or delicate fabricated bouquet of exotic flowers in expencive decorative package, or whatever you want. We will deliver your bouquet in Kryvyi Rih or any other place and will congradulate form your name. Woking hours of delivery: 7.00 - 21.00, everyday, especially on holidays and weekends

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  Alstroemerias apiece

Alstroemeria in stock, available all year round. Any color at the request of the client in any quantity. The bouquet is bandaged with ribbon.

  Pink roses

Ukrainian rose roses of the Aqua variety. The height of the stem is 60-70 cm. The number of roses in the bouquet can be selected. Packing - floral paper.


A bouquet of orange roses of the Wau variety, which are notable for their vivid colors. The bouquet is decorated in floral paper and decorated with hypsophila twigs.

  Peruvian Flower

Дарить цветы близким так приятно! Этот чудный букет из пестрых оттенков альстромерии будет радовать больше недели. Это цветок, который долго не завянет.


Monobouquet of white and pink lisianthus, bandaged with ribbon. The bouquet is collected only from fresh eustom, the number of flowers in a bouquet at the request of the client.


Ukrainian Roses Red Naomi by the piece. A large bud, a long stem of 60-70 cm and a pleasant aroma distinguish this rose from all others. Any quantity is available for order.

  Pink chrysanthemum

Bouquet from pink shrub chrysanthemums, decorated in floral paper of pink color. The product is presented by the piece - the number of colors in the bouquet can be selected on the product page.


Colorful composition in flower pots of multi-colored gerberas, white and pink alstroemeria and twigs of white gypsophila.


Classic round bouquet of white camomiles in delicate yellow floral packing. The size of the bouquet and the number of colors in the bouquet can be selected on the product page.


A nice little composition of pink daisies and decor in a basket will be a pleasant surprise. Buy chamomile in the basket can be in one click.

  White roses apiece

White roses avalanche. Stem 60-70 cm
On the product page you can choose any number of flowers, which the florist will gather in a neat bouquet.