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8:00-20:00, seven days a week
Point of delivery
Costs of delivery:
з 7 до 9 - 150 грн.
з 9 до 12 - for free
з 12 до 15 - for free
з 15 до 18 - for free
з 18 до 20 - 120 грн.
з 20 до 22 - 150 грн.
*08-03-2021 - 80грн.
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Замовлення на доставку 8 березня просимо оформляти і оплачувати заздалегідь

Bouquets with delivery for any taste.

Delivery service works from 7 till 22. If you preored the bouquet early, we can deliver it any time. If you don't need a delivery and you think that it will be better to present a flowers by yourself, than you must indicate that you'll take it by yourself. Florist will mak a bouquet wich you like by th time you need, and you'll take it by yourself.



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