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Bouquets with delivery for any taste.

Delivery service works from 7 till 22. If you preored the bouquet early, we can deliver it any time. If you don't need a delivery and you think that it will be better to present a flowers by yourself, than you must indicate that you'll take it by yourself. Florist will mak a bouquet wich you like by th time you need, and you'll take it by yourself.



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  Bouquet "Good Day "

A small cascade bouquet of chrysanthemum and gerbera. Buy an inexpensive bouquet with home delivery a matter of a few minutes!


Ukrainian orange roses of the Wau variety. A bouquet is collected per piece from any number of roses. All roses are cleared of thorns, collected in a spiral bouquet and packed in fashionable paper "newspaper".


What bouquet to give for a wedding? This snow-white floral mix with lilies and roses will be a wonderful gift for the newlyweds! Very solemn and elegant bouquet.

  Peach Avalanche

Peach Rose Peach Avalanche with a stem height of 60-70cm. Florist will make a bouquet of the necessary number of roses. The bouquet is bandaged with ribbon.

  Life is Good!

A classic bouquet of multi-colored roses in any quantity in stylish kraft paper-a newspaper with a chic satin red bow.

  Bouquet of 101 Roses

Предлагаем купить букет из 101 розы. Такой букет мечтает получить каждая девушка!


Spring composition in flower pots in mottled colors. Kashpo consists of pink and yellow alstroemeria, pink and white tulips, as well as branches of statues and greens.


Want to please your beloved - buy a spring bouquet of scarlet roses and white tulips. You can choose any number of colors and we will collect a bouquet of the freshest spring flowers.


Bouquet for a man in light colors of yellow gerberas, white chrysanthemums, red alstroemeria and greenery. The bouquet is made in a cascade technique and is decorated with a yellow mesh.

  To My Love

Classic combination of red roses Prestige and white roses Avalanche in a bouquet in the shape of heart. The ideal spiral heart bouquet is made up of professional florists from fresh roses.

  White Magic

A neat round tight bouquet of white roses Avalanche looks cute and at the same time dressy. Contrasting green packaging and a white bow emphasize the beautiful and large buds of roses.

Bouquet Felicita

Romantic bouquet of white daisies and pink roses, decorated in pink kraft paper. Buy a bouquet of chamomiles and roses right now!


Classic round bouquet of white camomiles in delicate yellow floral packing. The size of the bouquet and the number of colors in the bouquet can be selected on the product page.


Round bouquet of multicolored gerberas with greens of Ruscus, bergrass. It is decorated in two-color floristic paper.


Bright spring bouquet of colorful gerberas, green chrysanthemums Fili Green, lilac carnations, blue irises, hypericum and ornamental foliage with decoration in red sisal.

  Pink roses

Ukrainian rose roses of the Aqua variety. The height of the stem is 60-70 cm. The number of roses in the bouquet can be selected. Packing - floral paper.

  Colorful rose 40 cm

Short Ukrainian roses of 50 cm in length, of different varieties and colors, are brushed from spikes and collected in a spiral bouquet in a ribbon.

  Chrysanthemums bouquet

Buy chrysanthemums here and now! Florist will make for you a bright lush bouquet of chrysanthemums, which will certainly please the recipient.

  Sexy Red

Bright scarlet imported roses Sexy Red with a rich aroma and a large bud in a bouquet. You can order any number of roses from 7 pcs. 

  Bouquet "Glamour"

Glamorous bouquet for glamorous and bright girls. Only here you can buy a bright bouquet of roses and tulips in pink and present it to your beloved girl.


Classic monochrome bouquet of white Ukrainian Avalanche roses. Flowers are cleared of thorns, collected in a spiral bouquet and bandaged with ribbon. The number of roses in the bouquet is different, depending on the variation.


Round bouquet of red gerberas, white daisies, yellow alstromeria surrounded by aspidistra leaves. The bouquet is decorated in stylish packing - a grid.

  101 Bouquet of roses on a short

101 разноцветная роза собрана в идеальный круглый букет. Купить 101 розу недорого и сделать сюрприз любимой - это очень выгодное предложение!


A classic combination of red roses Prestige and white chrysanthemums. A round, dense bouquet in a spiral technique is assembled from fresh flowers and packed in a red mesh.

  Red Star bouquet

A small neat bouquet of roses in European style is the most fashionable trend today. Short red roses are collected in a round bouquet and decorated with paper with a bow.

  Bouquet of short multicolored roses

It is impossible to pass by such beauty and not to buy a charming bouquet of roses. Stunning assortment of fresh roses with interspersed fresh greens pleases the eyes and gives pleasant emotions.

  Bouquet of 51 red Roses

Купить огромный букет красных роз сегодня? Наш флорист соберет шикарный букет из отборных бордовых роз специально для вас!

Букет доступен в трех вариантах исполнения на ваш выбор.