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Bouquet with delivery or what is the most simple way to congradulate

You can make an order on the site, or you can call one of our managers any way you prefer. There is lots of comfortable ways to pay in our internet shop. We make bouquets few hours before the delivery, so they look pretty fresh. Delivery works from 8 till 20 every day.

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Bouquet in a delicate white and pink color scheme of pink roses and alstroemeria and white chrysanthemums. Complement the bouquet of velgrace twigs and a delicate pink wrap of fleece.

  Bouquet "Assol"

Today, flowers are given not only to important holidays, you can buy a small bouquet and make them a compliment to the chosen one, and the best choice will be a nice white and pink bouquet.

  Thinking About You

Monobuket of white and pink chrysanthemums of Baltika variety. A small bouquet is packed in lilac paper and is available for order in three variations.


Charming bouquet of white and pink chamomile chrysanthemums and rose bush roses with decorative greens and pink mesh decoration.

  Peach Bloom

A charming bouquet of delicate pink-peach eustom. Our florists will collect for you a bouquet of any number of lisianthus and bind them with ribbon.

  Creamroses apiece

Creamy Ukrainian roses of Talea variety. The length of roses is 60-70cm. Roses are collected in a spiral bouquet and bandaged with ribbon. You can order any number of roses.


Ukrainian Roses Red Naomi by the piece. A large bud, a long stem of 70-80 cm and a pleasant aroma distinguish this rose from all others. Any quantity is available for order.


Ukrainian orange roses of the Wau variety. A bouquet is collected per piece from any number of roses. All roses are cleared of thorns, collected in a spiral bouquet and packed in fashionable paper "newspaper".

  Roses Carina

If your loved one likes roses, but you want to give roses an unusual color - then this is the rose of Karina. Pink-coral shade of roses, a large bud and a strong fragrance make the flowers unique!


Round bouquet of white shrub chrysanthemums Zembla. The flowers are collected in a spiral. Any number of chrysanthemums is available for order.

  Campmile Field

Classic basket with daisies. Composition in a basket of white chamomile chrysanthemums decorated with a ribbon with a bow.